5 great wings concepts to take advantage of in your kitchen

Chicken wings can be served at many occasions. As a snack or a side dish. As shareable food and as a part of the barbecue menu. Or as tapas and on the buffet.

The popular wings are also great when creating concepts that can increase sales in your kitchen. We already experience this around Europe, and now it is time to pass the success onto you!

Therefore, we offer you 5 great concepts that can inspire you to sell lots of delicious chicken wings to your guests!

1. Wingman Menu

The term ‘Wingman” came on everyone’s lips in 1986 when it was used in the all-time classic, Top Gun. Originally, “Wingman” is the term used about a pilot who supports another pilot in potentially dangerous situations when flying. Since then, the term has become a nickname for friends in situations where you need their support. So, it is obvious to let your male guests share a Wingman Menu.


Wingman menu

2. Mix-it-yourself Wings

You can also give your guest the joy of mixing their favourite wings. Allow your guests to choose between different size boxes and various types of wings. For instance, you could offer them a box of six wings at a fixed price allowing your guests to choose which wings and flavours they prefer. It makes it a little more fun and allows people to change the content of the box from time to time.

3. Lord of the Wings

When you can combine the popular Lord of the Rings movies with tasty chicken wings, you do not need to think twice. Serve a Lord of the Wings basket and spoil the taste buds of your guests while combining the excitement about the movies with the dining experience. A sure winner which will ultimately make you the Lord of the Wings.

Lord of the Wings4. Wingetarian

Because of growing environmental concern, the number of vegetarians increases continuously.  For that reason, a substantial number of restaurants serve vegetarian dishes. But what about the guests who really prefer wings to plant-based dishes? To these guests you can dedicate a special Wingetarian dish consisting of crispy and tasty chicken wings. And it is in fact also good for the environment. For many years, chicken wings were a surplus part of the chicken that it was difficult to sell, but today nothing goes to waste!

5. Wings2Fly

Even though chicken wings are perfect as a snack and as a shareable dish in your restaurant, there are also guests who prefer the cosiness of their own homes. These customers should have the same opportunity to taste your delicious wings! Offer them wings as a to-go option in an alternative Wings2Fly version. You could also combine this concept with the Mix-it-yourself Wings concept and give your guests the option of mixing a bucket of their personal favourites. A great way to increase the sale of chicken wings!


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