5 reasons why poultry is the right choice for your canteen menu

It’s not enough that canteen food is tasty and delicious. The food must also contribute to e.g. healthy and productive employees.

This is demanding to the canteen staff, who have to make sure that e.g. the employees are happy and satisfied with the food, while at the same time helping to maintain a high productivity and a low sickness absence within the company. The same applies to schools and other institutions.

We take a closer look at 5 reasons to healthy poultry dishes can contribute to productive and glad canteen guests. 

1) The recipe for productive employees

When it comes to productive employees, healthy and nutritious canteen food is an important ingredient. But it is not the only one.

Happy employees are often productive employees. And if there is anything that can bring joy, then it’s good food. Therefore, a canteen menu consisting of broccoli, tofu and fat-free yoghurt dressing does not necessarily provide happy and productive employees.

For many, the canteen is a break from a busy workday. A place where you can enjoy a nice meal before heading back to work. And not everybody finds enjoyment in exclusively healthy food.

Therefore, it’s all about finding a balance between food that is both healthy and delicious.

2) Poultry as the healthy and delicious meat choice 

Here, poultry enters the picture. Besides a varied and exiting selection of vegetables, whole grains and fish, meat should also be a part of the menu if you want to satisfy the majority of the guests.

And by choosing lean meat products such as chicken, you can satisfy the employees’ urge for meat while giving them all the nutritional benefits of eating chicken.

Chicken has a low-fat content and is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. And combined with the popularity of chicken, together with its many dining options, you can be sure that your guests will leave your canteen both happy and productive.

3) Poultry contains lots of proteins, vitamins and minerals
In particular, chicken contains lots of protein, which is an essential part of our diet.

You can get vegetable protein from beans and lentils, among other things, but chicken proteins have a better quality and a higher level of essential amino acids needed for our body to function normally.

When it comes to vitamins and minerals, we get niacin, among other things. B-12, phosphorus, potassium and selenium when we eat chicken. This ensures healthy employees who are also healthy all day.

4) The climate-friendly meat selection
Besides the many good things that poultry does for your employees, it is also far more climate friendly than beef, pork and lamb. According to the green think tank, CONCITO, chicken actually emits the same amount of carbon dioxide as plant fares!

So you benefit not only your employees by serving chicken, but also the climate. Read more about the climate-friendly meat choice

5) Easy to put healthy poultry on the menu

At Euro Poultry, we have a wide and deep selection of both raw and ready-to-serve poultry products, so you easy can put poultry on the menu! 

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