Summer take away: Spice up your salad bar with healthy and flavorful chicken

Summer is here! And the many health conscious consumers are looking for inspiring and healthy salads to enjoy in the summer sun.

We have therefore taken a closer look at how you can spice up your salad bar with chicken this summer so that the options gets a little bit more exciting. 

Let us take a closer look at how you can take your salad bar to a new level with chicken!

Umami flavour

The great thing about a salad bar is that you get to choose from a number of various foods. However, for some, adding only greens to the plate can get rather boring.

Chicken is a fantastic way to add umami flavour and protein to your salad bar. Without losing the health benefits. As chicken is a low fat meat that contains a great number of vitamins.

In other words, with chicken you can raise the overall taste experience in your salad bar – in a healthy way!

Elevate your salad bar with our chicken products from Top Table

In our Top Table assortment, we offer a variety of chicken products that you can easily add to your salad bar.

The products are fully cooked and all appear homemade. The only thing you need to do is defrost the products and arrange the chicken alongside your other delicious salad ingredients. An easy and efficient way to elevate your salad bar.

11 great chicken varieties for the salad bar

We have gathered some different chicken products from our high quality Top Table series, which you can add to your salad bar:

  1. New product! Cuban Mojo SHredded Chicken Fillet (1018311
  2. New product! Chicken Popcorn Buttermilk (1024531) or Southern Fried (1024571)
  3. Steam cooked shredded chicken breast fillet (1018331)
  4. Fried chicken inner fillet 1/4, 5-10g (1021151)
  5. Fried chicken mini stick, 12g (1013531)
  6. Roasted chicken fillet in strips, tikka marinated, 8-10mm (1014191)
  7. Steam cooked shredded chicken breast fillet, cajun (1018351)
  8. Roasted chicken breast fillet slices, barbeque marinated, 7mm (1015511)
  9. Fried chicken mini meatballs, 12g (1022811)
  10. Roasted chicken fillet in dices, 12mm (1023011)
  11. Roasted chicken breast dices, seasoned, 15mm (1023031)

Want to draw an even larger segment to your salad bar?

Then try our new sliced and diced chicken – two products produced without any use of antibiotics! The products have the official “Raised Without Antibiotics” certification – something you can use to market your salad bar.

Get more advice for your salad bar 

We hope that you found some inspiration on how to add chicken to your salad bar.

You can easily order the Top Table products through your everyday wholesaler. And if you need help finding the right chicken products for your salad bar, please contact one of our sales consultants.

Most important is that you find the best chicken products for your specific salad concept.

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