No worries in the kitchen, We set the requirements for you

We set the demands for you 

When you buy poultry from Top Table, you automatically get a service in the purchase that gives you peace of mind. Without worry, you can concentrate on creating the best flavours in your kitchen.

We have taking into account everything that involves sustainability, animal welfare, working conditions and food safety, regardless of the origin.  

The world’s highest standards  

It’s not without reason that Euro Poultry gets a large part of their Top Table products delivered from Thailand. We have long been aware that the standards here are higher than what EU legislation requires. Over the last 30 years, Thailand has undergone explosive growth, mainly due to exports. Manufacturers have been adaptable and adapted to the demand for soft values. 
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Behind Top Table

The well-being of the chickens is an important issue for us.
Therefore, you can be sure, that the chickens you serve in your kitchen from Top Table have lived in a stress-free environment, and their lifetime is up to 20% longer than conventional chickens according to EU standards.

You can also be sure, that the chickens move freely on dry litter in the
stables, and in Thailand they have 15% more space to flap their wings than what EU legislation prescribes.

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The chickens have free access to fresh water and food all day, and the feed is completely antibiotic free. All this ensures that the life cycle of the chickens is brought as close to their natural habitat as possible.

We are proud that our range of products represents sustainable poultry
from the world’s best manufactures. 

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