Have you been asked if your dishes are free of antibiotics?

If not, you should expect more of your guests to start asking that question in the near future. 

The use of antibiotics in food has become a talking point all over the world. Studies and experts indicate that if we do not reduce the amount of antibiotics in food production, we risk developing antibiotic-resistant bacteria. And that has created great concern amongst consumers.

Did you know that the World Health Organization has identifed antibiotic-resistant bacteria as a high-priority public health issue? And that more than 60% of consumers are concerned about the use of antibiotics in meat production? 


Raised Without Antibiotics

For this reason, we are proud to present the new Top Table products raised without the use of antibiotics. The products have been granted the offcial “Raised Without Antibiotics” label, which is what consumers use as a guide when doing their grocery shopping or going out for dinner.

This gives you the opportunity to contribute to the reduction of the indirect consumption of antibiotics while marketing this fact to your guests. We are already seeing this initiative being taken by multinational chains such as Subway and Burger King. But regular restaurants, hotels, canteens, schools and hospitals are also starting to follow suit. And now you have the chance to do the same.

Did you know that the increased awareness and demand for transparency has caused a growth of 14.6% in the demand for products labelled antibiotic-free?


Two popular products – a thousand uses!

The products now available in a “Raised Without Antibiotics” edition are our already-popular:

  • Roasted chicken breast filet in slices, 5 mm (1015911)
  • Roasted chicken breast filet in dices – seasoned, 13 mm (1023931)

These products are high-quality antibiotic-free chicken products that can be used in a range of dishes, right from sandwiches, pizzas, and wraps, to pita, soups and salads. Using these products will allow you to promote your dishes to the growing group of health-conscious consumers.

In other words, you can help reduce the use of antibiotics worldwide – and contribute to your own business at the same time! 

 Do you want to try the new antibiotic-free chicken products from Top Table? Contact one of our consultants today!