These days, chicken wings are available all over the world, in an abundance of varieties! You can get them in BBQ, chili, garlic, honey, Tex-Mex, and breaded versions. In fact, there’s no limit to what variations these delicious wings can handle. In spite of all that, the vast majority of people have no idea that the unique concept of chicken wings has been given its own, unique day of celebration!

From New York to the world

International Chicken Wing Day was introduced by the mayor of Buffalo, New York, in 1977 – shortly after the popular Buffalo Chicken Wing had its big break and became a hit throughout the States! Chicken wings are now available in varieties to suit everyone’s needs – just look at the six unique wing products available from Top Table! Wings have become a favourite for parties and the like, and you’ll see them at anything from weddings and birthdays to themed parties and sports events.

Seeing as chicken wings have grown in popularity – and accessibility – there’s nothing unusual about the fact that the delicious snacks have been given their own, special day on July 1st!

How to celebrate?

Now, for the best part … the celebration itself! The ideal way to celebrate International Chicken Wing Day is – of course – to bring your closest friends and family members together and share a GIGANTIC bucket or trayful of delicious, hot chicken wings! This makes it the perfect time to start offering your guests chicken wings. It’s about much more than just eating the wings: it’s about having a great time with those who matter the most and sharing a selection of tasty chicken!



Of course, you should taste all the different varieties and vote for your favourites! Let’s see which wings earn the title of “Chicken Wing of the Year”. Aside from the chicken, your guests will need some cold, sparkling beverages, so don’t forget to pair the menu of deliciously seasoned wings with an appropriate selection of beverages to quench their thirst!

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