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Why you should choose ready-to-serve poultry
10.06.2021 KnowledgeTips & Advice

Are you thinking about whether you should buy processed or ready-to-serve poultry for your kitchen?

New CEO at Euro Poultry
16.12.2020 Knowledge

Mikael passes the steering wheel  It is with great pleasure that we can announce that after more than 20 years at the helm, Mikael Kristensen wants to pass on the steering wheel to Rasmus Mou...

Euro Poultry increases the standard with Next Level
24.11.2020 KnowledgeTips & AdviceProduct news

Next Level improves the living conditions for chickens Great news! You can now get the popular Chicken Slices from Top Table, which live up to an even higher standards than the European ECC standard....

5 food trend predictions for 2020-2021
02.09.2020 KnowledgeTips & AdviceFood teends

It is often difficult to know and spot which food trends and tendencies that will dominate in the future. Moreover, the whole covid-19 situation has made it even more difficult to predict. We have...

Why are we celebrating Saint Patrick's Day? Get the answer here - and a recipe for Irish Chicken
10.03.2020 KnowledgeRecipes

March 17 is the Irish National Day, where they celebrate Saint Patrick's every year. The day is a holiday in Ireland, where Irish people meet all over the world and celebrate with beer music and good...

From sugar canes to green plastics: how are recyclable plastics made from sugar canes?
02.03.2020 Knowledge

What are green plastics? Where and how is plastic made from sugar canes? What does polyethylene and bioethanol mean? Get all your answers here and find out more about recyclable plastics. 

5 reasons why poultry is the right choice for your canteen menu
25.02.2020 Knowledge

It’s not enough that canteen food is tasty and delicious. The food must also contribute to e.g. healthy and productive employees.

No worries in the kitchen, We set the requirements for you
28.01.2020 Food trendsKnowledge

Did you know that they eat Fried Chicken on Christmas Eve in Japan?
06.12.2019 KnowledgeRecipes

Did you know that they eat Fried Chicken on Christmas Eve in Japan? Yeah, that’s right. Read more about why the Japanese turn to the crispy chicken for Christmas. Additionally, get one of our...

[Free ebook] The 20 best chicken, duck, turkey, and guinea fowl recipes from 1999-2019
26.11.2019 KnowledgeTips & AdviceRecipes

"THE 20 BEST POULTRY RECIPES"  #happybirdday Euro Poultry is reaching a milestone – we’re turning 20! That’s why we’ve collected the 20 most popular recipes throughout the years for you and your...