Why you should choose ready-to-serve poultry

Are you thinking about whether you should buy processed or ready-to-serve poultry for your kitchen?

Here are five good reasons to choose processed and ready-to-serve poultry for your canteen, restaurant, cafe and fast food eatery. 

1. Easy and quick to serve

Processed poultry means that the product is pre- cooked. It can both be boiled, roasted, fried, grilled, seasoned or breaded. Therefore the product is often more or less ready-to-serve, after you just give it a little heat in an oven, pan, grill or fryer. The way your processed poultry products will provide you with af lot of easy and quick ways to prepare your food.

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2. Save a lot of time

With processed Poultry you save a lot of prepping time. This applies to, cutting, marinading, and preparing your bird, but also in the following dishwashing of cutting boards, casseroles, pans etc. Instead you just have to open your bag and grab the amount of poultry that you need. The time you save can be used on other important kitchen duties.

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3. Less worries in regards of hygiene and bacteria

The fact that the product is processed, means that you don’t have to worry as much about hygiene and the risk of bacteria, as you would with raw poultry. During the processing the product is being cooked and the safety is being tested, so that you and your kitchen staff can handle the products safely in your kitchen.

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4. Uniform quality

With processed poultry you get the advantage of the same uniform quality - every time you serve it to your guests. This means that they will get the same uniform experience, no matter who is preparing and serving the products in your kitchen.

5. No cooking waste

Last but not least using processed poultry will also give you economical advantages. This is due to the fact that the product is pre-cooked, you automatically avoid cooking waste in the process. In other words you get the exact amount of grams that you have paid for - that is good kitchen economy!

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