New Years Resolution: Want more poultry on the menu? Get 6 great tips here!

More and more guests go for climate-friendly and healthy food when they go out to eat. Therefore, we see an increasing tendency for many café owners to put more poultry on the menu. But often they need inspiration on how to do it in new and exciting ways. 

Therefore, we have made 6 great tips on how you can serve more poultry in your café!

1013571_720x1. Replace brunch sausages with chicken skewers

Do you have brunch or breakfast on the menu? Then it’s a great opportunity for you to serve more chicken. Replace the regular brunch sausages with fried mini chicken skewers and stand out from many of your competitors. The mini chicken skewers are especially popular if there are also children among your guests!

1066371_720x2. Use turkey bacon in burgers and sandwiches

Burgers and sandwiches are a regular part of most café menus. And if that’s also the case for you, consider replacing the pork bacon in your burgers and sandwiches with turkey bacon. It’s crispy and delicious and much healthier than regular bacon.

Tip: Turkey bacon can also be used for brunch or in a spaghetti carbonara. In our Top Table assortment, you will find different varieties of turkey bacon that are fried or grilled in advance, so you only need to heat them in your dishes.


Skærmbillede 2021-01-05 kl. 10.13.24-13. Make a delicious snack basket

Snacks are also a typical part of the café card. And this category gives you many options to put poultry on the menu. Make your very own snack basket with exciting and tasty chicken products. And serve with different kinds of dipping, such as humus and sweet chili sauce.

Tip: Use these three ready-to-serve products for your snack basket: Buttermilk breaded chicken strips, fried chicken skewers and grilled BBQ wings. It doesn’t get more delicious than that!


1024531_Chicken Popcorn Top Table Euro Poultry-14. Give the salads a modern twist of chicken

Salads are also a good way to serve more chicken, as it contributes to umami flavors. And you don’t have to limit yourself to just one kind of chicken salad. Take some of our slightly different chicken products from Top Table and name your salads after them. Maybe the popular Chicken Popcorn for a crispy salad!

Tip: For example, our Tex-Mex chicken slices can be used for a “Mexi Salad” and our crispy Southern Fried breaded inner fillets can be turned into a “Crispy South Salad”.


Skærmbillede 2021-01-05 kl. 10.09.415. Tapas with chicken

Tapas is usually a café winner. And the popular Spanish specialty gives you many options to serve more chicken. We have made 14 suggestions for easy and tasty tapas dishes with chicken, which may give a little inspiration to your kitchen!

Skærmbillede 2021-01-05 kl. 10.09.286. Chicken poké bowls

Poke bowls is a new and healthy food trend that you can benefit from. In short, the concept, originating from Hawaii, is based on creating a healthy and colorful meal in a bowl. One that consist of both carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins. And here, the tasty chicken is an ideal ingredient, because it’s a lean meat protein with many good vitamins and minerals!

Tip: In our Top Table assortment, you get a wide and deep selection of ready-to-serve chicken products that are perfect for poke bowls. For example, the hand-grilled yakitori skewers, available with both satay, soy, chili , mango /sweet chili and BBQ marinade.


These were our 6 tips on how to put more chicken on the café menu. Remember, our consultants are always ready to help if you need inspiration or advice for your menu!