Theme of summer: Delicious and fresh salads for takeaway

It is summer! And the restaurants are opening again! Therefore, we have taken a closer look at some delicious green salads that you can offer your customers.

Here you get some suggestions on some alternative salads with tasty chicken, which are perfect for takeaway as well.

1. Caesar salad with crunchy chicken fillet 
Caesar salad is always a popular choice when customers are visiting the local café or restaurant. But what about a crispier version compared to the traditional caesar salad. Serve the salad with homemade crispy chicken fillet and crunchy croutons e.g. made from sourdough bread, olive oil and garlic.

Add freshly grated parmesan and a little chopped red onion. Stir a homemade dressing, then you have probably created a new winner on the menu.

Tip! You can make it even easier by using southern fried chicken fillet.

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2. Pointed cabbage with pomegranate, black lentils and chicken dices

Pointed cabbage is always a fresh and exciting alternative to e.g. regular salad. It is mild in taste and also goes well with many different flavors. The fresh taste of pomegranate gives a good taste to the black lentils and sliced carrots.

Add chicken dices and preferably a little crumbled feta cheese and a great ranch dressing.

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3. Classic Caesar salad (with crunchy bacon) 

Here is probably the favorite salad of most people! The caesar salad with classic chicken slices is often a sure winner at the café or restaurant and works perfectly as a takeaway dish as well.

To give the salad extra umami flavor, you can easily add crispy bacon. Or fry a piece of delicious chicken breast with skin, which taste fantastic in a caesar salad! Maybe at the end decorate the salad with some chopped fresh herbs.

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Tip: Add healthy turkey bacon to the salad. With our Poultry Picker you can find different varieties of turkey bacon - raw or ready-to-serve for your dishes.


4. Green kale salad with sweet blackberries and chicken popcorn

Try to mix green kale, chopped red onions, roasted almonds, fresh blackberries and crispy Buttermilk chicken popcorn! Sweet blackberries in the same appetizing sizes as the chicken popcorn give a great twist to the salad. Blackberries can as well be replaced by chopped apples or other wild berries.

Remember to think outside the box and try to experiment a bit with the ingredients. You do not have to limit yourself to just one kind of salad. Add any exciting poultry products from Top Table and maybe name your salads after them. Limited only by imagination.

You can explore the Top Tables product range and find your own exciting toppings.

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