Wholy Chicken! 6 Benefits of using whole chickens

The parting of whole chickens requires some time. But if you choose to buy whole chickens, you get several benefits in your kitchen!

1. Save money

Whole chickens have a cheaper purchase price than if, for example, you buy the breast fillets, drumsticks, thighs, inner fillets and wings individually. So even if it takes time to part whole chickens, there is money to save because of the many meals you can get.

In other words, the investment in time yields returns in the form of more money earned. Especially if you are good at using the whole chicken creatively.

2. Train your creativity

There are many different cuts on the chicken and thus many kinds of meals you can make. So when using a whole chicken, you’re automatically forced to think creatively. And to use cut-outs on the chicken, which you normally don’t use in dishes. This is healthy for the brain and helps to develop one’s cooking skills.

3. Take advantage of the extra kitchen resource

Creativity also plays a role when it comes to using up to the last bone of the chicken. Again, there is money to save if you use the parts of the chicken that normally aren’t available to you. For example, the chicken carcass is perfect for boiling a powerful chicken stock that you can use for soup or risotto.

4. Afford to buy organic

If you want to become an organic-labeled kitchen, it’s worth considering the use of whole chickens as well. Meat is usually the most difficult item when it comes to increasing the percentage of organic goods in the kitchen. But by switching to whole chickens, you can use your saved money and upgrade to whole organic chickens – and take a big step towards becoming fully organic!

5. Flexible and varied dining options

With the whole chicken you also get flexibility in terms of dining options. You have the freedom to decide, if you want to serve thighs, drumsticks, wings, breast fillets, inner fillets, half grill chickens or maybe even crispy chicken skin.

The possibilities are many and you can always vary the dishes and give your guests different experiences of how chicken can be served.

6. Get respect from your guests

In a time where caring and sustainability are core values among many consumers, by using the (organic) whole chicken you can also gain respect from many of your guests.

It gives respect that you use up to the very last bone of the chicken and that nothing gets wasted. It gives respect that your kitchen is serving organic meat. And it gives respect that you manage to serve the healthy and environmentally friendly chicken in various creative ways.

There are thus several benefits to buying whole chickens. If you found this article interesting, you may also want to read about the anatomy and cut-outs of a chicken. 

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