We have found a special chicken kebab just for you!

Most people like a good kebab. However, due to increasing environmental concerns amongst consumers, there is a risk that more people will start avoiding beef and lamb kebabs as these types of meat produce great amounts of CO2.

For that reason, we have spent some time scouring the market to find you the best chicken kebab. And we finally found it!

Roasted chicken kebab – seasoned 

Our new chicken kebab from Top Table is made of the tastiest part of the chicken – the thighs. The meat is marinated with an original spice blend made from a truly special recipe. The meat is then placed manually on a skewer before being roasted and cut into thin slices. In other words, all you have to do is heat up and serve the tasty chicken kebab in your dishes!

The roasted kebab slices are wonderfully seasoned, which gives you the chance to serve a unique kebab that will allow you to stand out from the crowd. Serve the delicious chicken kebab in wraps, pitas, and kebab mixes or as a pizza topping. 

The perfect ingredient for fast food restaurants that care about great taste and uniformly high quality!

 Do you want to try the new Roasted chicken kebab – seasoned from Top Table? Contact one of our consultants today!

Item number: 1022511