Why you should put wings on your menu card

Chicken wings are more than just crispy skin and juicy meat with a great taste.

Wings are the perfect snack for the little hunger. And they are just perfect now that it has become trendy to share food with others. Sharing experiences with each other. And if delicious chicken wings, greasy fingers, cold drinks, sports on television, good company and a lot of wet wipes are not a good experience, well, then we don’t know what is!

We dare venture the claim that everyone can succeed with wings. By offering your guests delicious wings as a side dish or a snack, you get extra income to your business. At the same time, you can increase sales of cold drinks that go hand in hand with the crispy wings. That’s additional sales! And an obvious choice during the summer when barbecuing, festivals and good weather set in.

Grill og vinger

Therefore, we are taking chicken wings to brand new heights by adding three new wing products to our Top Table assortment so that you have six different wing products to choose between. Six different tastes, six different experiences.

As always, common to all Top Table products is the uniform, high quality. Plus, they are super easy to prepare. The frozen wings can be heated directly in either oven or fryer and are then ready to serve. It will not get any easier and more attractive for you to put wings on your menu!