Wild West BBQ chicken strips, 25-45g

Art.nr.: 1025151

Step aside, cowboys… A new sheriff is in town! 

The name is Wild West BBQ. These chicken strips are known for their authentic BBQ taste, owing to their mix of sweetness and heat. Although crispy on the outside, they are juicy on the inside and the sweet and seasoned taste sets the scene for an amazing dining experience people will come from all corners of the world to experience.

Everything is bigger in America and Wild West BBQ is no exception. The product is made from chicken fillets cut into strips and breaded with BBQ. There are few, if any, products out there that can compete with the taste, quality and size of Wild West BBQ, so you can rest assured that even the most lawless will come back for more.

At a time where the American kitchen is trending worldwide, the new Wild West BBQ is the perfect product to add to your holster. Use the chicken strips to uphold the law and maintain order when other popular trends, like BBQ, Fried Chicken, and Gourmet Fast Food drop by for a visit.

The crispy and delicious Wild West BBQ presents you with a range of serving options. The strips are perfect for burgers, sandwiches, wraps, tapas and snacking, not to mention chicken fries. The taste is so good that you can serve it without any dipping sauce if need be. And although the product is cut, seasoned and breaded in advance, all you have to do is heat it up. It still looks homemade when you serve it as part of your dishes.

So invite your guests to the Wild West with these new, delicious Wild West BBQ Chicken Breast Strips from Top Table! 

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Itemno.: 1025151