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Tanzania is home to some of the best and most sought after safari parks in Africa and the world, inhabits a wide variety of unique landscape and flora, and has some of the most beautiful beaches you would ever walk on. From her vast savannah grasslands to rocky outcrops and towering mountain peaks, there is no doubt that Tanzania features some of the most unique and unforgettable sites and attractions.

Mount Kilimanjaro: – The roof of Africa holds the centre of Attraction in Tanzania. If you are an adventure lover then you cannot neglect a hiking trip towards it. It takes you to the different atmosphere.

Serengeti National Park: – The most demanding National Park of Tanzania is known as Serengeti. Because you can, get a huge number of wildebeests annual migration. The Great Wildebeest Migration in the Serengeti is the largest single movement of wild animals in the world. The Serengeti is also known as the most prestigious Wildlife Reserve in Africa due to its density of predators and preys.

Zanzibar Beaches: – the real Attraction of Northern Tanzania is only hidden behind the Tanzania Beaches. You can get vast sandy beaches with turquoises’ colour water where you can relax with a sundeck and enjoy the amazing natural beauty of nature.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area: – Ngorongoro crater is a flat plain area ringed with steep walls, which resulted from a giant volcanic explosion and eruption. Ngorongoro Crater is the best place for game viewing in the whole of Tanzania.

Lake Manyara National Park: – This is a place, which is well known for the Tree-Climbing Lions. There are only two lion populations in the world that climb and one of the populations are located in the Lake Manyara Park.

Tarangire National Park: – it is a famous game reservation where you can see a few species of bird of prey. Here you can get amazing sight of elephants at the watering hole, which was having a mud bath, and take turns to throw their baby elephant into the large pool of mud, this was one of the funniest sights you have never seen.

Pemba Island: – It is a wonderful land to explore the natural sights as well as aquatic life. From diving to snorkelling, Kayaking to leisure fishing, Pemba will quench your thirst for that water action. So take your own time and explore your nature of sports.

Stone Town: – Zanzibar’s stone town steals more attractions due to its charming visualization and confusing colonies. You can get the olden architectural buildings with marbled and printed with designing pieces. It gives you an amazing view of local inhabitants.

Ruaha National Park: – this the Largest National Park In Tanzania, Ruaha Park is a fantastic destination for those wanting to see a large variety of exotic animals. Zebras, giraffes, hyenas, cheetahs, and much more can be found here. It is also a home for a huge number of elephants.

Mafia Island: – it gives you an opportunity in which you can explore the land of sea and beaches and find only Corals, corals and more corals! You can also take a chance to visit the migratory birds with the local birds. Who are in need of some peace and quiet for them it is an awesome private gateway.

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