Caravan Serai Museum, Bagamoyo

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This museum in Bagamoyo Historic Town has a small display documenting the slave trade. The museum is in one of the historic building that was used a guest house for slave trade dealers during the 19th century. 

The Caravan Serai, with Swahili-Islamic architecture is one of the place of memory in Bagamoyo historic town linked to the 19th Century ivory and slave trade activities. The two storey building was built in 1860s by Mr. Said Magram Awadh, an Arab trader who had a coconut plantation in Bagamoyo.

The displays in the museum include coins, ceramics of different types, beads, and other ethnographic objects that are associated with slave and ivory trade during the 19th century when Bagamoyo was a terminus for the Central caravan route.

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