Ngurdoto Crater

Northern Circuit

Ngurdoto Crater

National Parks 10 km² Northern Circuit, Arusha

The Ngurdoto Crater is part of the Arusha National Park and is the caldera of an extinct volcano, that is sometimes called “Little Ngorongoro” because, just like Ngorongoro, has become, over time, a sort of “reserve in the reserve”.

Ngurdoto Crater is a volcanic crater in Arusha Region, and its crater is shaped like a basin with very steep walls and covered with dense rainforest, it is 3.6 km wide and 100 meters deep; the crater is surrounded by forest whilst the crater floor is covered with marshy grassland live buffalos, elephants, warthogs, some antelopes, monkeys, baboons, leopards and spotted hyenas; there are also many species of birds such as the head hammer, the spur-winged goose and herons. 

In the forest also live blue monkeys and baboons who, unlike the colobus, prefer to spend their days on the ground, taking refuge on trees only during the night or if there is any danger that threatens them.

You cannot descend into the crater because one wants to preserve and protect its ecosystem; but you can walk along a circular route on the crater rim, where you can meet different observation points: on the Northern edge there are the lookout with the best views.

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